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Nursing Job in UK


Monday, 25 February 2008

Senior Nurses Needed

Job Detail: Our client has a vacancy for a Senior Staff Nurse position on their general surgical ward dealing with Vascular/ Urology/ Gynecology/ ENT and Gastro - Intestinal surgeries.

The Princess Elizabeth Hospital has a consultant led medical service, therefore the position requires an experienced general surgical nurse able to support, lead and develop the skills of ward colleagues and pre-registration students. This requires you to hold a relevant teaching qualification or successfully completed an approved mentor preparation course equivalent to level 2. As a knowledgeable leader in at least one of the specialties dealt with on the ward, you will be able to demonstrate sound management and communication skills and occasionally be required to function as the duty senior nurse for the hospital.

Country: United Kingdom
Region: Channel Islands
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Can any one nurse in the UK?

There are strict regulations set by the NMC in order to control the intake of nurses from outside the UK. The NMC are continuously monitoring the training standards of nurses from all over the world, to determine if those from certain countries are eligible to nurse in the UK.

Registration of nurses and midwives trained outside the EU:
Nurses and midwives from outside the European Union who want to work in the UK must apply for registration through the NMC overseas registrations department. As part of NurseFinders service to you we will organise the work permit and NMC registration for you. If you were born and trained outside the EU then you may be eligible to apply to these parts of the NMC's professional register:

* Part 1 First Level General Nurse
* Part 3 First Level Mental Health Nurse
* Part 5 First Level Learning Disabilities Nurse
* Part 8 Sick Children's Nurse
* Part 10 Midwife

The NMC can only accept applicants who are fully registered in their own country. Unfortunately we cannot accept second level qualifications such as Licensed Practical Nurse, Enrolled Nurse or State Certified Nurse.

People with the right levels of experience and education can be registered immediately. Other applicants may be required to undertake further clinical experience (either in the UK or abroad) and some may need to undergo further education and training. The NMC is unable to state in advance whether applications will be accepted or not, or how long they will take to process, as each one is considered on its individual merits.

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